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June 23, 2011

A Rainy Day Rambling

Lately the weather feels so cold. As I’m typing this I can’t help but look at my window. I can barely see anything outside and it just looks foggy. It’s been raining the whole day and I just wanna stay in bed. But as you can see, I got up and still went to work for like a couples of hours then I went home early. I was afraid to be stranded somewhere in a taxi for God knows how long. Sigh. Right now my mind is just a mess. I can’t think straight. I’ve been nervous for 2 days now. I can’t stop fidgeting and move around. : (


Yeah I’m nervous for tomorrow’s job interview I just don’t wanna screw it up. I still don’t have anything to wear yet. Which reminds me that I have to check on what to wear for tomorrow before going to bed. Sigh this weather is making me feel so sleepy. zzzzZZZzzz. Kidding! I’m still up! Yeah I’m sleepy but it’s not gonna stop me from rambling. So tomorrow is the big day. I still have to go to work in the morning and go to that interview in the afternoon. I’m surfing the internet now for office fashion inspiration. Hihi I just wanna make a good impression and I want to dress nicely. Haha I wish I can wear something like this…

So anyway, back to what I did today, I got home early and to amuse myself on a rainy day like this, I made fried potatoes! LOL it made me happy for like 10 minutes or so. Haha and happiness ended when my plate got empty. 

Then I watched some Korean drama titled Miss Ripley. Oh Lee Dae Hae is sooo pretty. : ) I envy her skin. It’s soo white and smooth and her fashion is totally girly. Haha too bad I had to stop watching after the second episode. I still have to download the others. So aside from her flawless skin I like the way she carries herself. It’s obvious that her makeup style is just the natural look and she looks like a doll! ^___^ 

That’s it for tonight. It’s raining and I wanna stay in bed. Hehe and by the way I’m reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I just finished I’m in No Mood for Love earlier. It’s fun, light and girly. : ) You can give it a try. It’s a quick read.

Let me know what you think of Lee Dae Hae, do you adore her as I do? : )

And if anybody has read City of Bones, let me know if it’s any good. :)

Hope to hear from you girlies!

Much love,

A Good Read

So today is one of those gloomy days. Not me. I don’t feel gloomy at all. But the weather is. The wind is too strong, strong enough to see a man’s ribcage through his polo shirt when the wind blew on his direction. Hahaha That was a funny visual, I saw it when my friend was dropping me home. And yeah the weather’s cold. So today was just a normal work day. Maybe it was better; I got to hang out with my friend while working. : ) hihihi and got a chance for some girl/life talk in between. I mentioned earlier that I was looking for another book to read and I stumbled across Rachel Gibson’s In No Mood For Love and decided to read a chick lit novel. ^_^ I've read like 89% of the book and so far its good. It’s light and it’s girly. Haha : )

I’d like to share the site I love visiting whenever I search for new books to read. It’s . It’s very easy to navigate. Just create an account and fill out some online forms for your profile and you can start! You may also upload a photo of you if you like. With this site it’s also like a social networking site except everyone here are book lovers. You can see on their profile what book their currently reading and the status like how many pages have been read by the person. If you’re searching for books, you can also surf the titles, author or isbn of the book and be able to see the ratings and reviews. (This is very helpful in choosing what book to read next especially if you’re a bit picky.) Aside from that I like it that I can put arrange them by shelves like “books that I’ve read”, “books to read”, “currently reading” and so forth.

This site not only helps you surf for books but also helps you organize the books you like. Authors also have an account here where you can see their interviews and published books. I cannot go on the internet without visiting this website. Hihi : ) I enjoy joining discussion topics and see other people’s opinion on the books that I’ve read. Hehe well that’s all. Haha

Are you currently in goodreads? : )

Add me up in goodreads if you have an account! Toodles! :p

June 22, 2011

Answer Me! Quick!

Are you proud to be a Girly Girl?
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June 20, 2011


Hey everyone.

Remember the time when I mentioned that I'm gonna be reading Atonement by Ian McEwan. I’m skipping it for now. I’m along 54% of the book and it always makes me sleepy whenever I start reading. : ( Can someone or anyone who has read the book tell me it gets better? Anyone? Sigh. I feel guilty for leaving it unfinished. : ' (

The reason I decided to read it was because of the movie. The movie was soo good and thought that maybe the book is better. The Author was too descriptive of each scene that it makes me feel zzZZzzz.

I’m just gonna skip this one and maybe get back to it when I feel like it. My kindle will be the one to bookmark it for me.hihhiihi My kindle’s name is Kyle by the way. : ) I’ll keep you posted on what book I’m gonna read next! ^_^

I’m currently searching now. Let me know if you have any book recommendations! : )

Lolita! <3

5 Movie Characters that are Embedded in my Heart

I am one of those girly girl who spends her some of her free time watching movies on my laptop while doing my nails. Talk about multi-tasking! I usually watch any genre but not so much with the sci-fi apocalyptic kind of stuff. (those movies make me go ZzzzZZzzzz.) As much as I enjoy action and rom com movies I do love the drama genre as well. I know I’m a girly girl and I admit I love watching movies with eye candy actors but I still watch movies with interesting plots and always give them a try. Wait I just have to get up and close the windows.

Okay I’m back. The wind is too cold with a bit of drizzle coming in. I’m already wearing a jacket and still feel cold. Hehe So as I was saying, I’ve watch a lot of movies and I would like to share 5 movie characters that I randomly love. I also added trailers! Watch Watch Watch!

5. Marissa Ventura – Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan

It’s a romantic comedy about a senator who falls in love with a hotel maid thinking she’s a socialite. It’s like a different version of pretty woman. This movie has all the right ingredients in making a romcom movie. Jennifer Lopez may be a diva in real life but she sure does well in her movie roles. I like how funny she can be at the same time show girl power! In this movie her character, feels that her own fairy tale seems too good to be true. Of course she’s afraid to let her true identity be known by the senator. But in the end, when you love someone, it doesn’t matter what your social standing is. Staying true to your self is enough. J Watch this movie and be inspired with girl power! (and I forgot to mention Ralph Fiennes is the senator in this movie. He may be the evil Voldemort in Harry Potter but in this movie he is the white knight!) hihihi

4. Jerry Maguire – Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire

This is one of the movies that made him who he is today. Tom Cruise was fun to watch here, he was sooo charming and he completes me. Hihihihi <3

Jerry Maguire is a sports agent who has it all: A great career, amazing apartment, and a beautiful fiancée. Then the time came when he is experiencing a moral dilemma with his firm and decided to express it. And yes he got fired for it. While his career is on its way down, one athlete decides to believe in him and became his only client. His athlete was Cuba Gooding jr. and is a talented actor as well. The character, Jerry Macguire has a lot of fighting spirit with high hopes in fixing his life and career. With nothing to lose, he gives his all and got the best in life. :)

3. Jack Dawson –Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic

Yeah, I’m cheesy like that. It’s been 10 years from the first time I saw this movie and my heart still goes on for Jack Dawson. LOL. <3

We all know how the story goes on, Boys meet girl. Both are on the opposite sides of social standing. And the ship killed everyone who was against with their relationship. Kidding! Hehe Well for me this movie is a superb epic. James Cameron is an amazing director and while watching the movie I really felt like I was there. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I watch it every time I see it on cable. Hahaha! And until now I never get tired of it. Of course, Leo is a real cutie and watching his acting chops is worth every penny. I love how he was able to portray himself as someone who lives for simple pleasures and try to live his life to the fullest no matter where he is. : )

2. Jamal Malik –Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire

This movie is so inspiring in so many ways.

Jamal Malik is an ordinary Mumbai teen who joined the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire in his country and actually won. Then he got arrested due to suspicion of cheating. During the interrogation he then shared his life experiences on how he got to where he is and how he got to know the answers. This movie spells H-O-P-E. Yeah, I’m a sucker for movies with hopes and dreams. But that’s what living is all about right? If we don’t have hopes, we don’t dare to dream. If we don’t have dreams, we won’t have the will to live. This movie won 8 Oscars. The Dev Patel you’re gonna be seeing here is totally opposite of his character in Skins (the uk teen series). He made me realize that there are a lot reasons to be thankful for and I encourage you to get a copy of this movie and I guarantee that you’ll never be the same again. J

1. Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow is one of the most hilarious movie characters I have ever watched. Ever since I saw the first installment I became a fan! It’s funny how his eyeliner never smears even though he goes to the water to hide or swim or something. LOL. We should send an email to his make-up artist and ask for tips! Haha

i wanna know what type of eyeliner he uses

So Jack Sparrow is a savvy pirate in search for his ship known as the Black Pearl. I forgot to add his title, its Captain Jack Sparrow. He would have corrected me right away the moment he heard me. Hahaha! So he went searching for a certain pirate who took his ship and met a few frenemies along the way. : )) Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) decided to join Capt. Jack Sparrow’s hunt in order to save his love (Keira Knightley). The movie’s setting will blow you away! They have realistic props and though pirates’ fashion style is the messy look, their costumes look realistic dirty. Ahaha I don’t wish to meet a pirate in real life except for Capt. Jack Sparrow! Hahaha Tickle your funny bone by watching this movie! : )

Do you happen to love any of the movie characters mentioned above?
Please do share any movie characters that have touched your heart or made you laugh like there’s no tomorrow. :D

With much love,
Lolita <3

June 19, 2011

In Brightest Day and Blackest Night

I was not really a big fan of comic books when I was young but I do love watching them on the big screen especially in 3D now. hihi One of today’s trends are blockbuster movies with awesome CG in 3D! and that makes me uber happy! Haha So this week I went to the theaters to catch The Green Lantern in 3D. Well I’ve been wanting to watch it since Ryan Reynolds was in it. Hihi Talk about eye candy! XD

The Green Lantern is created by John Broome and Gil Kane. Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan. He is a test pilot who in the movie is impulsive, adrenaline junkie and irresponsible. He is not afraid in putting himself at risks but is scared in dealing with his own emotions.

The Guardian of the Universe created a system where each planet has its own chosen Green Lantern Guardian of their sector. Using the green essence power that comes from will power, in other words the will to protect, fight for justice and fearlessness is the main source of their energy power. ( I feel like a girly nerd here trying to speak their lingo Hihi I’m enjoying this ^_^)

The Story:
 Millions of years ago, a villain known as Parallax was imprisoned in the Lost Sector by Abin Sur the strongest of all the Green Lanterns. Then came the day when Parallax was able to feed on 3 Green Lanterns who got lost in the area and was able to escape! Yes he feeds on fear! Then he attacked other planets and grew stronger each time. (Oh no!) and he went after Abin Sur, injured the purple alien and came crashing in the nearest planet, Earth. (our earth! Hehe) He was dying and needed to find a replacement that would have the exceptional will power to be one of them. The ring went around to earth and chose our pretty boy Hal Jordan. <3 

Yeah he is pretty, not to mention his hot abs! whew! Haha So he went to the Green Lantern world and got his pretty hot body a customize rubbery suit sort of like his costume. His power is pretty much anything what his mind wants to create in the moment of battle. How cool is that! I wanna have powers like that too, and I wanna have it in pink! Pink ring, Pink lantern, Pink outfit, Pink mask and Pink essence. Haha talk about girl power. Hihihi ^_^

Unfortunately, when Hal Jordan started his training he was having problems in dealing with his own emotions that he couldn’t face his own fear. The other Green Lantern aliens also didn’t really have any faith in him since he was the first human specie ever to be appointed. To stop all the arguing, he quit being a Green Lantern and went back to earth. Meanwhile the government found the body of the purple alien and brought him to their secret lab to make a study. They contacted the weird creepy professor Hector Hammond. (Believe me he is creepy and looks he hasn’t washed his hair for days, if you don’t believe me take a look at the photo!) Then he began to study the purple alien and got inflicted with yellow dna from parallax. Then he transformed into a monster looking guy with a HUGE forehead with bits of hair left on his head. And yeah, despite his creepy looking face he got some awesome powers, he can read your mind and has telekinesis. From then on he follows the instructions he got from parallax the big octopus looking guy on their plan in destroying planet Earth. Hahaha then the fighting begins!

Now you better watch the movie as I don’t want to be a spoiler! I want you to experience the fun eye candy sighting as well! Hihi

The Main Cast:
Ryan Reynolds – Hal Jordan
Blake Lively – Carol Ferris
Peter Sarsgaard – Hector Hammond

The visuals were stunning! I didn’t regret watching it in 3D while munching on my barbeque popcorn! Haha it was a fun movie for me. Aside from the eye candy actor and the CG it delivered, I love the message of the movie.

A lot of negative reviews came out but I watched the movie with an open mind and heart. I was inspired by the character of Hal Jordan. On how he admitted to himself that he was first afraid and fought that fear with the will to carry out his goal. It’s the same with each and every one of us. There will be times when we will be afraid to make a choice, to stand up for our self and face our own fear. But here is the answer now. We simply have to muster up courage for ourselves and have the will to face our fears. We are after all, humans. We make mistakes, we fall down, we cry and in the end we get up and continue fighting for all our future somethings. (Now I’m getting emotional, hihi) and that’s why for me, this movie is a good one. : )

The Green Lantern Oath:
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power.... GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Yeah I only gave it a 4.5, they didn’t show much of Ryan Reynolds abs! Kidding! Haha It’s because I wanted to movie to be a bit longer. That’s it. Hehe

Have you watched the movie?
What did you think of it?
Did you like Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern?

Come on Girlies! Let me hear your thoughts by posting your comment! : )

Much love,

June 18, 2011

My Snow Cystal Skin

It was a rough week from work. To add it up I’m experiencing difficulty in dealing with it emotionally which leads to a bit of insomnia and lost of appetite with my daily meals. And due to this my skin is taking it badly. I don’t usually have that much pimples on my face. But this week was so bad my skin is breaking out which adds to my current stress. My current MAC concealer is much more suited for the under eye area and not for pimple coverage. So I went to the mall to cheer myself up.Hitting two birds with one stone. hihihi Malls have this ambiance effect on me that makes me feel like everything will be okay. While going around I noticed the newly opened shop called Laneige. It’s a Korean skin care and cosmetics brand. Laneige means snow in french. It’s the leading skin care brand in Korea specializing in water treatment studies for skin products by Amore Pacific. Their current brand image is Korea’s prettiest and top actress Song Hye Kyo. She has been their endorser since 2008.She has a face of an angel. Can’t help but gush on how pretty she is. XD I love how gorgeous she is even with the natural make-up look. I've always been a fan of her ever since her first Korean drama Endless Love. 

Yes I love Korean skin care and their make up as well since they compliment with my skin. I went to the store feeling giddy like a child in a candy shop! hihi XD So I was browsing the store looking at different stuffs then I asked the make-up technician to help me out with my current dilemma. She took off my make up off using the make-up remover and saw the little pimples and marks in my face. I explained it to her that it’s just due to a great level of stress and said that I want a light foundation that will cover it up and will make my face glow. Then she said that she recommends the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation with SPF22 PA+ and tried it on my face.


I bought it for PHP 1,800.00 and went home all cheery and glowy.

I don’t use any foundation on my skin mainly because I don’t like it when my face looks too cakey from the foundation powder. But with this one, it looks so smooth, clear and glowy. I can barely see the foundation on my skin. She also used the concealer that comes with the foundation bottle around the under eye area.

The make-up technician told me that the foundation is water based with powder particles for the smooth finish together with Vitamin E that keeps the skin healthy, radiant and prevents premature aging. After how many hours, my face still looked fresh and luminescent. My skin was still glowing even though I was already sleepy! Lol. The foundation was applied to my face around 3pm then I took it off around 1am.

Snow Crystal Dual Foundation with SPF22 PA+
To use the foundation:

-Lightly shake the container, pump 1-2 times and dispense an appropriate amount of the product to evenly spread from the large area of the face.

-If you need to add more coverage, reapply the foundation, and for the partial blemishes and spots requiring color correction, lightly cover using the concealer to get ceramic-like skin look. 

What I like more about it, it comes with a matching concealer, and it perfectly covers the small unwanted spots that are usually hard to cover. Skin feels fresh and smooth. Plus it also protects your skin from the sun and outdoor environment with its functional SPF 22 PA. They have plenty of skin shades to choose from. Mine is the Natural Beige 21. And it’s perfect with my skin color. <3 

With this experience I’m looking forward to try their skin care. I’m obsessed with skin care! LOL Day and Night I have this routine which I religiously maintain no matter how sleepy I am! And yes it pays off not to be lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin. This is gonna be the beginning of my laneige obsession. Hihihi :D

For more product information you may visit their website . I got some photos from their site as well. : )

Overall Product Rating: 5/5 <3

Are you familiar with the laneige brand?
Have you tried any of their stuff? Share it to all the girlies! :D

If you have beauty questions please feel free to ask! XD I’ll do my best to help you out.

Much love,
Lolita <3

June 16, 2011

Starry Eyed Over Lee Min Ho

Tonight I’ll be introducing you to the uber eye candy Lee Min Ho ssi! ^^ He is a Korean actor who became an overnight sensation ever since the KBS aired Boys Over Flower.

Boys Over Flower also known as BOF was a huge hit in Asia. It literally created stardom for Lee Min Ho and got plenty of endorsements and tv shows. Here are photos of him so we can both gush at him!^^

He’s such a cutie right? And he is a total fashionista! His style is mostly casual chic and sometimes see him wearing loafers for his casual outfits. I like it when he wears the bow tie and hat! How cute is that? Lol. I got his details from wiki-d-addicts. See below.

Name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Entertainment Company: Starhaus Entertainment

If you wanna check out his acting chops you may check his popular shows such as:

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

It’s the Korean version of the popular teen series from Taiwan known as Meteor Garden – F4. It’s about 4 guys who came from prominent families and are the main players in the industry. They grew up together and stayed friends. With endless resources at their disposal they have nothing to do but rule the school, hang out and have a good time. Haha and of course the fun stuff starts when they met a girl who stood up to them and did not tolerate their tyranny in school. Meeting that girl changed their lives forever.

Main Cast:
Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

Genre: Romance and Comedy
Number of Episodes: 25
Ratings: 5/5

I love Lee Min Ho and  totally loved this drama series. I must have watched the series five times last year. LOL. It's sooo cute and I love how the characters blended together and still have their own personality stand out.

Personal Preference (2010)

Personal Preference is about a guy who pretends to be gay just so he could be a roommate of a certain girl which he believes would totally help improving the status of his business. Then the story goes on how their friendship evolved into a romantic one.

Main Cast
Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee

Genre: Romance and Comedy
Number of Episodes: 16
Rating: 3/5

This show didn’t really make it to my favorite list. Yes Lee Min Ho here is still charming but I just felt like the show’s plot was too simple therefore the storyline was totally stretched. But that’s just me. I still watched the whole series.  Min Ho and Son Ye Jin’s on screen chemistry was cute and watchable.

His current drama series is titled City Hunter. I downloaded several episodes already and started watching till the second episode since I have to wait for more subtitles. These are the moments when I wish I know the Korean language. I had a Korean tutor last year and studied for 3 months. I was really making a good progress with the lessons but suddenly had to relocate and couldn’t find any Korean tutor. Huhuhu (if you happen to know anyone who’s willing to tutor me, please email me! Hihi) Okay back to his current project, so far I love the series, this time it’s a little of everything such as drama, action comedy and romance.

Do try watching some of his drama series. You’ll have a superb time eyeing on this cutie! Haha 

For the Lee Min Ho fans, here’s a treat for you! 
Watch him dance his way to your heart! 

Are you a Lee Min Ho fan like me? <3 
Which one of his drama series you like best? <3
And if you happen to love other Korean actors, feel free to share it to all the girlies! :D

Much love,
Lolita <3