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July 10, 2011

Morning Glory

Now that the storm is finally over in other words I just got out of a terrible job and I’m soo glad to be out! That job was literally killing the girly in me! I’m on to my next job and I start on Monday. I’m a bit nervous and a lot of things are running in my head. Mostly about my new work, new officemates and new stuffs I wanna buy! Hahaha LOL Last night I was watching Morning Glory with my boyfriend and I didn’t really know what the movie was all about, except it’s about a morning show or something. Haha! 

Morning Glory was about Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), who took the job of reviving the morning show that ranks last place! (Talk about challenging pressure!) Nobody believes in the show anymore, not the staff, the anchors and the viewers. But Becky took the challenge at the same time juggling her personal relationships.

I loved the movie maybe because I can totally relate it to my current situation. I was inspired as I watch Becky fighting all odds with her will power. And even though nobody believes in the show anymore, she continues to encourage everyone to believe in it and put their heart in it as well. While watching the movie you can see how she makes sure everything goes well. As she says “First in, Last out.” Hahaha She was a total workaholic! It made me reflect on how our attitude should be towards our work. It’s important to be passionate about it and not stop trying to be good, better and best. I’m just happy that I got accepted for this job, this is what I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I’ll just have to be like Becky then. Try and try and believe in what you do despite the ups and downs. In the end it will all be worth it.

The movie was fun to watch, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton was bantering like hell haha You can see how the media people works so hard on putting a good show and the challenges they experience every day.

Definitely a must watch movie. : ) and yeah, I have to mention the last part of the movie, they played Natasha Bedingfield’s Strip Me Music.

“I’m only one voice in a million, but you ain’t taking that from me.”

And yeah, for my new work, I wanted to get a new bag!!! What do you think? Hahaha I just don’t know where to get this bag. I saw this bag from the series Lie to Me. Maybe I’ll find something a similar! hehe 

Have you watched the movie already? If so, what do you think?

Do you have any ideas or suggestion on where to get a similar handbag? Pls share! :D

Much love,

July 03, 2011

Blurry Week

This week was a total blur. Life happened. Everything went by sooo fast and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. Whew. I’m glad this week was over. Work days were a total hell for me and I couldn’t wait to leave already! Hehe It was definitely one of the toughest week of my life. It was so dreadful I didn’t even wanna go to work anymore and my moods are going up and down. One minute I’m happy as hell the next moment I’m pissed as hell. Have you ever felt like that? Feeling all suppressed and choked up but couldn’t really explain  how you exactly feel? It was like that for me. I didn’t really know the root of the problem I just wish it won’t happen again. Hehe okay I know it’s impossible I just hope it won’t happen so soon again. Haha So that’s a bit of what happened this week. Work was very stressful and at night I just wanna go straight to bed. I haven’t even read for a couple of days already! : ( and it made me sad.. Anyway currently I’m reading the 3rd installment of Mortal Instruments – City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

So the first book, City of Bones is about the world of Shadowhunters (demon hunters) and Downworlders ( werewolves, vampires, fairies). Basically the story starts with a girl named Clary. She lived the most normal life with her mother till one day her mother went missing and that’s when she found out little by little how far from normal her life is.

The second book, City of Ashes, hmmm how should I say it? More emotional stuff? It still has the same adventure scenes but as the story goes on the characters’ relationship with each other became closer. Clary is already a shadow hunter and in this book she discovers more about her abilities and the world of Idris. 

Its genre is fantasy / adventure sorta like Harry Potter. They have their own world, communities, laws and powers! Yeah I’m a big fan of fantasy books. Hihi It was a fast read and I had so much fun reading it. Ever since I finished reading the Harry Potter series I’m out on a search for the next book series that has a similar genre without the childish content and this is it. I am definitely recommending this book. : )

Let's go to the vanity part,hehe Last week my skin was sooooo dry. Hell it makes it soo hard to put make up on and my skin didn’t look so fresh. It was because of the stress that I’m experiencing from work. So I went to Laneige to look around their stuffs and came across the Water Bank Care line. The Laneige specialist recommended the Water Bank Cream 2_EX for combination skin. They also have it for oily skin, so don’t worry. Haha It’s their best seller for moisturizing creams. The cream is gel type and it smells so good. So I got one and went home all giddy! 

This little jar contains a moisturizing cream full of wonders! It really made my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I use it day and night. In the morning I apply the water bank cream first before putting on the dual foundation I got from them as well the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation. For the water bank cream it doesn’t have any SPF in it but I didn’t mind since the dual foundation has SPF 22. Therefore I’m still sun protected! Hehe At night I use this after washing my face with a cleanser and add eye cream. I’m a sucker for skin care stuff. Hehe The most important thing is to religiously use them. I buy a lot of these stuff but I always finish them. :D except of course if it made my skin itchy and blotchy! Hehe

So the jar also includes a spatula for hygienic purposes in getting some cream from the jar. : ) I think you should definitely try this. My skin was soo dry these past few days but with this cream it turned things around in less than a week. I’m impressed and would definitely be going back for their other stuff! : ) I’m thinking of getting a new eye cream next hehe

I am recommending the Mortal Instruments series and Water Bank Cream 2_EX to all the girlies! : ) Let me know if your experience as well! : )

I’d love to know what is current moisturizer, please do share! : )

With much love,