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About Lolita

Hello : ) I’m Lolita and I love girly stuff.

I guess that sentence says a lot about me huh? Hehe well, I do love girly stuff such as shopping, make-up hunting (I’m a total make-up junkie), perfume whiffing, reading books (can’t live without my kindle), movie buff (I always eat popcorn while watching even though I’m at  home), shoe shopping, I enjoy watching tv series especially korean dramas hihihi, tuning to my ipod with my flavor of the month playlist which never fails to make my day better, and I love sharing advices on life and love with my friends. I love collecting Hello Kitty stuffs, anything shiny and glittery would surely attract my attention. I’m a dog person and I enjoy bonding with my dog.

Yes, I’m a girly girl and I am proud of it. : ) Sharing my likes and loves in the girly world with you by posting random stuffs makes me happy. : )

New mantra to live by:  Excuses keep you away from achieving your goals.

much love,